Danish Lichen Checklist

This Danish lichen checklist is based on "Checkliste og status over Danmarks laver" by Vagn Alstrup and Ulrik S°chting published in 1989 by the Nordic Lichen Society (NLF), and the later Danish Lichen Checklist Ver. 1 published 2003.

The checklist was originally based on voucher specimens located in the Botanical Museum, Copenhagen (C) and occasionally in other herbaria and in the literature. However, all additions and changes accepted in version 2 are based on records published since version 1. The relevant publications are listed by each species.

The taxonomic concept and the nomenclature have been updated according to recent taxonomic monographs. Furthermore, additional vernacular names have been included in accordance with names used in Danish literature.

The new web version of the check list is provided with photos of a number of species. If photos are included, they will appear as thumbnails at the species pages. By clicking the thumbnail a full size photo will be displayed. Non-commercial use of the photos is allowed if the source is cited. If in doubt, contact the authors.

Clicking the scientific name leads to information on red list status, substrate, known distribution in Denmark, relevant threats and pertinent literature. The red list information stems from the original checklist and has not been updated according to current IUCN definitions. Such an update is under way and will successively be included in the web version.