Title: Ancient DNA and Evolution

Track record

Eske Willerslev (EW) is director of Centre for Ancient Genetics, situated at the Biological Institute and the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. During his PhD, EW established the first ancient DNA facility in Denmark, which, despite its small size, rapidly became internationally recognized for, among other things, establishing the fields of ancient sedimentary and ice core genetics, which have since become world-wide scientific disciplines. After finishing his PhD studentship EW obtained a prestigious Wellcome Trust Fellowship to join the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, UK – a world-leading institution in many fields of research, including ancient DNA. Recently, at the age of 33, EW was called back to University of Copenhagen to commence the position of Full Professor at the Biological Institute and the Niels Bohr Institute. In addition, he has been awarded the prestigious position of Visiting Professor by Oxford University.

EW is an internationally recognised researcher in the fields of ancient DNA, DNA degradation, and evolutionary biology. He has 6 publications in Science and Nature, and publications in other high profile peer review journals such as The Lancet; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS); Current Biology (Curr. Biol.); American Journal of Human Genetics (Am. J. Hum. Gen.); Molecular Biology and Evolution (MBE); TRENDS in Ecology and Evolution (TREE); TRENDS in Microbiology (TIM); PloS Biology; Genetics; Geology ; Nucleic Acid Research (Nucl. Acid. Res.); and Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B (Proc. Royal. Soc. Lon. B.).   His research interests include: palaeoecology (e.g. Science, 2003; Science, 2004), palaeontology (e.g. Nature, 2003, PloS Biology, 2005), archaeology (e.g. Science, 2001; Am. J. Hum. Gen. 2003a), domestication (Science, 2005), ancient microbial biology (e.g. PNAS, 1999; Curr. Biol. 2004; TREE, 2004; TIM, 2005), DNA degradation and repair (e.g. MBE, 2001a; Am. J. Hum. Gen. 2003b,c; Genetics 2006a,b; Nucl. Acid. Res.), exobiology (e.g. Lancet, 2003; Geology, 2005), phylogenetics (e.g. Curr. Biol. 2004), and molecular evolution (e.g. MBE, 2001b). EW has served as a reviewer for various grant agencies and journals including the NSF (US), PNAS; Curr. Biol.; Am. J. Hum. Gen., Geology, Proc. R. Soc. Lon. B. and TREE. EW is an invited member of the International Mars Cyroscout drilling team (NASA), and scientific organizer for the 3rd and 4th Mars Polar Conferences (NASA). He has been an keynote or invited speaker at 28 international conferences and meetings, has successfully applied for and been awarded 19 large research grants and academic prizes in Denmark, UK, Australia, and the EU, and has supervised 19 MSc students, PhD students, and post doctoral associates in Copenhagen and Oxford. EW has strong collaborations with world leading scientists in Europe, USA, Canada, and Russia, and participated in 11 international polar expeditions, 5 of which he led. He has communicated his work to the public through documentary films, books, popular articles, museum exhibitions and numerous national and international TV, newspaper, and magazine interviews.


















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